As the worlds natural resources become scarcer aquaculture has grown significantly, and is one of our most important, and ecologically sustainable industries. From the nursery to the plate the health and quality of your stock reflects directly both on your profits and ability to expand operations as demand for clean, healthy and renewable resources increases.

We have been involved in a consultative role for many years to either advise on initial system design, or to consider improvements and optimization of existing plant design. Our process designers & engineers can tailor a system to suit each application and site.

Our designs are based on advanced contacting for gas distribution, dissolved oxygen improvements for stock , ozone based disinfection, biological filtration and organic solids stripping, reducing power consumption and improving discharge waste quality. In some cases this has provided a nine-fold reduction in running costs and treatment requirements. The ability to reduce water consumption and reuse existing resources has proven pivotal in many of our clients operations.

To date we've designed and built life support systems for large aquariums internationally, commercial systems specializing in fresh or saltwater species - lobster, salmon, mussells, kingfish, eels, shellfish and quarantine facilities. We have covered hatcheries, nurseries & recirculating aquaculture (RAS) farms or partial RAS systems, and flow-through plant designs. Protection and system optimization can be considered at all steps of water treatment, from optimizing the quality of incoming water supply to final discharge or waste removal systems. We can treat contaminated supplies effectively, and organic compliance is easy with our approach to ecologically sound solutions.

Our experience within the aquaculture industry extends well beyond the farm, extending to food processing and handling. We design, manufacture and implement ozone based disinfection systems for use throughout the final processing facility. These include reticulated disinfecting CIP (clean in place) and process water treatments (cold water, organic, USFDA approved for direct food contact); odour removal, shelf life extension in both storage facilities and holds; microbial & pathogen control and ventilation system disinfection. Please see the Primary Industry section for more detail.

applications, DESIGNS & SOLUTIONS

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    Applications & Service Solutions

    From initial development when designing your facility to installation, integration and ongoing support, we have the knowledge and skills to fine tune a suitable system for your facility.
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    Designs & Installations, Clients

    Some of our installations & systems for Aquaria and aquaculture, feedback for treatment systems. This is a pdf brochure for download.
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    Protein Skimmers

    The IPS Series of foam fractionators come in a range of sizes to suit many water flows, and can be run in parallel for multiple applications. Ideal for recirculating aquaculture systems, to save make-up water and to offer excellent clarity and waste organic removal, with a range of options for gas mixing and process control. Talk to our process designers about your system optimization.