Advantages for aquaculture...

  • Disinfection of source and make-up water, in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), aquariums and flow-through hatcheries.
  • Removal or oxidation of Dissolved Organic Compounds (DOC's)
  • Improved performance of biofilters, conventional filters & sedimentation processes.
  • Removal of fine and colloidal solids through micro-flocculation
  • Removal of nitrites, and chemical loading oxidation
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels in water
  • Foam fractionation, solid waste recovery improvements
  • Reticulated and wastewater quality improvements
  • Increase lifespan of and reduced need for conventional filtration
  • Reduced power and resource consumption through proven process design innovations.
  • Efficient gas transfer contactors and injection systems
  • Monitoring, process control, automation and data logging capabilities.
  • Enhanced performance with oxygen and ozone additions:

    The enhanced contacting process designed by O3T has been developed and used extensively throughout our worldwide applications over the past fifteen years. The O3T process when used to our specifications does not form any extraneous byproducts, the likes of chlorates and bromates in salt water systems, and therefore creates no risk to either the biological filtration system or the stock itself.

    These systems can be designed for each individual application to each clients spcifications. Our extensive experience with these unique delivery processes ensures smooth operating and swift returns for our clients. In addition, we are able to find effective solutions to common filtration problems. Our clients inform us that our ozone systems would be the last thing they would do without.

    what are the advantages?

    Ozone treatment can impart many beneficial effects to the water:

  • disinfection (including the control of microorganisms, and algae)
  • microflocculation
  • microfiltering
  • chemical oxidation
  • improved dissolved oxygen levels, CO2 removal

  • These things occur simultaneously. Careful design of each application is used to emphasize either of the three effects as desired. Consequently, a well designed and operated ozone treatment system can produce high quality, aesthetically pleasing water and provide a healthy environment for the fish and marine animals.

    stand alone or integrated

    While this can be a stand alone treatment, such as a disinfection system for a single pass flow of water, this treatment can be incorporated into other treatment forms and filtration. It is our experience that this incorporation greatly increases the lifespan of other support filtration. Extensive work with water treatment experts in other applications has provided a new application to greatly enhance bio-filtration systems also, such as the system being installed in Scott Base's wastewater treatment plant in Antarctica this year.

    In salt water applications, minimal ozone applications and swift contacting eliminates any need for costly UV systems or UV ozone destructs past the point of application.

    Primary aspects of supply:

  • Optimal treatment plant consultation and process development
  • PSA oxygen generators, self-contained or air fed
  • Air Supply equipment, conditioning and in line filtration
  • Corona discharge & plasma cell ozone generators
  • Manifolds, injectors, diffusers, & mixing systems
  • Distribution & injection pumps
  • In line filtration, flow and pressure control
  • Analytical monitoring, PLC, data logging and automation, PID process control
  • Physical system CAD engineering design & provision
  • Foam fractionators and bio-reactor support equipment
  • Ozone contactors & hydraulic design
  • Laboratory analytical equipment and consumables
  • Ongoing maintenance, service and system review options

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      Designs & Installations, Clients

      Some of our installations & systems for Aquaria and aquaculture, feedback for treatment systems. This is a pdf brochure for download.
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      Protein Skimmers

      The IPS Series of foam fractionators come in a range of sizes to suit many water flows, with a range of options for gas mixing and process control. Talk to our process designers about your system optimization.
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      Primary Industry Processing Systems

      While many aquaculture applications are for nurseries or grow-out for others, a far greater number are part of a 'hatch to plate' business. If processing is part of your operation we can offer so much more. See our primary industry & food processing section for more detail.
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