The use of ozone for drinking water treatment has been significant in Europe since the early 1900’s, and in North America for the past three decades. Here in New Zealand Timaru, Wanganui, Oamaru and Takapau are leading the way forward with these cost effective and sustainable treatment practises. Compare the long term benefits of ozone based treatment systems against traditional alternatives of this outstanding performer. The many advantages of ozone as a multi-platform treatment are well documented, but cost savings for running are often overlooked. Please download our overview brochure for more details:

O3T ozone water treatment introduction.

In 2009 Ozone Technologies installation into the Oamaru water treatment plant for the Waitaki District Council was awarded a silver medal in the ACENZ awards for innovation and design.

3D drawing of ozone plant at Oamaru WTP.

Oamaru WTP comes in under budget, Newspaper article 2007

Antactica NZ has their Scott Base wastewater treatment plant upgraded to remove their existing UV plant and include our recycling ozone treatment system to enable the Scott Base facility to reuse this disinfected, clear wastewater for toilet flushing, saving power, decreasing the need for RO filtration of sea water for potable use, and ensuring any discharged water has no environmental impact.

Some of the primary water treatment fields we provide solutions for include :

  • Potable water treatment - dissolved metals, disinfection, colour, odour, taste
  • Wastewater - odour, colour, final polishing for discharge, flocculation, disinfection
  • Aquatic centres & community pools for primary water treatment without chemicals
  • Dairy processing water recovery, reuse & compliance for discharge
  • Gas phase treatment for post harvest storage, ethylene control,
  • Contaminated site remediation of liquid chemical pollutants
  • Analytical equipment, consumables and reagents for your laboratory requirements