Ozone has long been used in wineries, in many water treatment areads. From providing a superior disinfection of final rinse water through CIP of tanks and working surfaces, to reducing organic loading of wastewater to enable re-use for irrigation.

Portable washdown systems have been a common sight for the final stage of barrel disinfection, as this was the only type of treatment offering protection without affecting the wood’s properties.

Recent advances in gas phase ozone treatments in other areas of food production have shown remarkable reductions in spoilage losses due to microbial control and ethylene removal, improved shelf life of product by an average of 30% across a wide range of foods, and improved background environments with gradual elimination of fungal and microbial contamination. From this we have developed a specific treatment for use as a biocide when applied in the wine industry, particularly for the control of brettanomyces and other contaminants of concern in wine barrels.

We have a range of other treatments using ozone in the aqueous phase to reduce your running costs for production and provide excellent microbial protection for your wine without residual traces or affecting flavours. Please discuss your needs with one of our process designers, we can offer a range of cost-effective treatment options and are happy to advise on the most appropriate system for your unique application.

Barrel Disinfection Systems. (pdf)

This vibrant new application for wineries is now becomming a viable alternative to traditional microbial control in barrel preparation treatment.