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You can consider Ozone Technologies as a 'One Stop Shop' for bottled water treatment, from the bore to the filler. We can build a system for your water bottling facility from the ground up at conception, a service we have expanded on over the past several years to include automation, process control, filtration, CIP facility without chemicals, rinse water systems, air supply, Alca Process disinfection, gas phase cap disinfection, inline analytical monitoring, UV bottle pass (for glass), removal of undesirable elements in the raw water, and datalogging for compliance and production records.

Our director Dirk Haselhoff, is a leading water consultant in this industry, and we can ensure that your facility is compliant with all legislation requirements. An Ozone Technologies water treatment system will provide you with a water quality and consistency that will ensure your customers are always satisfied with your product.

4 Step Analytical Approach to Water Production:

We offer a four step analysis program developed in conjunction with Hill Laboratories specifically for the water production industry to meet all legislative requirements.

This has been produced to meet the needs of our clients when developing a new plant, to better understand the nature of their water, and address any possible issues with production prior to committing vast resources into making a viable product. This program is a very cost effective tool for reducing analytical expenditure in the early stages of development.

Note*: Treatment of water is required in bottled water to ensure no microbial growth develops in the finished product. This is generally introduced through intrusion into the system infrastructure, bottles, caps or environment and is not usual in the source if this is secure. Treatment is also required to remove unwelcome elements should these be present without denaturing the water of it's health giving minerals & components.

OT can provide:

  • Adivise on the suitability of your source water, and consultation services with our water treatment specialists.
  • CAD engineered drafting of plant
  • Initial water treatment trials - advice on what to look for from an independent analytical laboratory for initial water quality analysis, and bench trials inhouse in steps to ascertain water quality and suitability for commercial treatment. This is a staged process and will help design your unique water bottling regime to meet your current and future needs for microbial disinfection, removal of undesirable elements, and safeguard your brands consistency.
  • On-site scaled trials if required
  • Provision of recommended treatment outlines, and sourcing of equipment to meet these requirements, either direct or through us
  • Provision and programming of all automation and process control elements
  • Provision and support for all analytical monitoring equipment the system may require.
  • We have designed and successfully implemented our technology and solutions for all aspects of water treatment into more than fifteen plants in the last decade, and will continue to improve efficiencies in all designs and processes in the future. Often with a new plant budget’s are approached incrementally as funding and sales allow. With this in mind, a system can be designed out with firm foundations and allowances for increases in automation and monitoring in the future.