microfiltration - FOAM FRACTIONATORS

Ozone Technologies IPS series of protein skimmers delivers proven strength and reliability in a light-weight cost effective format, with optional clear acrylic towers. These are manufactured for best performance with your water delivery layout. All components used are able to withstand the corrosion of sea water systems and are ozone inert.

IPS protein skimmers can be trusted to strip high yield waste organics from your aquarium or aquaculture system. These range in standard sizes to treat water flows from ten to one hundred cubic metres an hour. Can be run in parallel for increased treatment or multiple facility needs.

These can be provided with several options, depending on requirements:

  • Basis units- contactor alone with top cone, flange connections on tank only
  • Cone wash-down provision
  • Injection manifold, injector, recirculation pump & valves
  • Inlet and outlet flow control valves, standpipe & PVC pipe connections
  • Flow control equipment for proces water
  • Gas mixing manifolds, flow control rotameters, check and pressure valves
  • Oxygen, air or ozone generation equipment for advanced flocculation & performance
  • ORP or residual ozone regulated PID process controllers, automation and PLC’s.