Ozone Technologies provide consultation services, process designs, and a wide range of process equipment for many industries and applications.

We are a New Zealand based OEM company, with clients ranging from Khazakstan to Australasia and the Pacific Islands. In the past two decades Ozone Technologies has been proactive in our approach to providing turnkey solutions and equipment for our clients, to remain at the leading edge of treatment solution providers. We provide consultation services, process design and analytical support to our clients to ensure their legislative requirements are met while providing cost effective, ecological solutions for sustainable system designs.

In addition to services we manufacture or provide a wide range of equipment, with on-going service & analytical consumables available in house. This includes oxygen and ozone generating equipment, inline monitoring and process control elements, infrastructure, laboratory consumables &instrumentation.

Some of the primary fields we provide solutions for include :

  • Water, wastewater, pools, tradewaste
  • Aquaculture and aquariums, water disinfection, foam fractionators, oxygenation
  • Food and beverage processing, sanitation, storage & shelf life improvements
  • Bottled water plant design, development & implementation, from bore to bottle
  • Dairy processing water recovery, reuse & compliance for discharge
  • Gas phase treatment for post harvest storage, ethylene control,
  • Winery cleaning CIP, bottle rinse, barrel disinfection
  • Odour control in processing; smoke, fire & freezer odour removal, ventilation systems
  • Contaminated site remediation of liquid chemical pollutants
  • Cooling tower water disinfection
  • Analytical equipment, consumables and reagents for your laboratory requirements
  • Your may not be directly involved in these industries, however you may find our solutions of benefit if you have a water or storage related application, ie hotel pools, plant nursery water supply, lake water source, cooling towers or heat exchangers recirculating system.